Our Organization


Rexpect was born from the union of two organizations created previously in search of the professionalization of their different disciplines. Together, with players with previous experience and with staff specialized in very specific fields for the club that will serve to prosper and begin to grow.

The union was formally held in 2018, despite the fact that many of us in the club know the world of each of the disciplines, our goal is to be much better known as a competitive team at the national level. What defines us as a team is the promotion of responsibility, training and respect.

To achieve our goals we use our human strength as a true team, a team capable of providing enthusiasm, passion for what it does, effort and sacrifice, a lot of sacrifice.

We believe in what we do and that helps us achieve our goals. We are ready to make the jump into the most professional world of eSports.

We are ReXpect eSports,





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